5 Ways Neglecting Your Teeth Can Cost You – In Money and In Health

In the event that you choose never to take care of your teeth properly in terms of a tooth-kind diet and dental hygiene, you are atrisk of oral diseases.

Neglecting your tooth will likely catch up with you at some level.  It is a really, very common regret of patients in middle and old-age who neglected to look after their teeth when younger.

The main cause of all trouble? – Plaque.

Tooth plaque is the white, sticky element that accumulates on the teeth surfaces each day.  In the event that you haven’t brushed your tooth in a few hours, you can see it by scraping teeth with a fingernail.  Plaque is packed with parasites that lead to decay and gum disease.

Here are lists five ways of neglecting your teeth’s health can cost you – not just in money but also in medical issues:


They are the expensive replacements for those pearly whites you lost. They are able to run from $1,500 to $6,000 for a single tooth. Get links implants with what he calls “opportunity costs” – the decision one relinquishes when coming up with a poor dental health decision. Deciding not to brush at least double a day and floss, opting for sweet foods and snack foods, not going to your dentist double annually – each is opportunity costs. The mouth area is a mating ground for parasites, in case neglected, one of the most immediate results is tooth reduction.


Yes, yellowed, missing or crooked teeth can cost you a job. An American Tooth Association study found young adults and low-income adults agreed that the appearance of their mouth area affected their ability to interview. One reason: these were too ashamed to smile. “Like it or not, we’re often judged by our appearance. We often associate a person’s teeth’s health with some of the communal biases we’ve. More details here: http://www.samvedlaparoscopy.com/restorative-dentistry-helps-get-back-confidence/


The Countrywide Institute of Health’s article “Oral Health in America” web links periodontitis to diabetes. Periodontitis is the infection of the tissues around the teeth, often causing shrinkage of the gums and loosening of one’s teeth. “Reports have suggested from the two-way streets for these diseases. Periodontal disease may have a poor effect on glycemic control.”

Heart disease and heart stroke.

Certain bacteria that thrive in dental attacks are being discovered as potentially linked to cardiovascular disease. Bacteria or infections in the mouth can get straight into the bloodstream, with the likelihood of causing blood vessels clots and narrowing of the arteries.”


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, brought on by chronic bronchitis, recurrent respiratory infection or emphysema, has been associated with periodontal disease. This can happen due to bacterial pneumonia surviving in the mouth area and making its way to the airway.

The cost of choosing never to take care of your teeth and gums is greater than many people envision. It could be the cost of an implant, dentures, your current health – and even your life.”

So, there are many problems you will probably come across if you are neglecting your pearly whites.  These problems can be occurring in your mouth without you knowing about them until it is too overdue: the destruction is done.   You can expect toothaches, hours of dental care with a lot of costs, loss of pearly whites and a loss of a nice giggle.